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Im a 34 year old Mum of 2 year old twin girls, Claire & Charlotte. We live in the Hunter Valley, NSW and love to giggle. I am addicted to everyday art and that helps me scrapbook our lives. Our motto... "Get amongst it". I have just been announced as a Scrapbooking Memories Master, what a thrill!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I hate blogger! They promised blogger beta would be better. It isn't! So I have moved.

Please update your links, and link me if you want to, you dont have to ask.

Wordpress is fantastic!

Lib x

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It has been a while...

that tasteless bit of humour below, I found on Kendra's blog, got a kick, thought I'd share. There is no point updating with the latest happenings, you don't have time for that. Massive opportunities have been coming my way and its hard to juggle life, children and work, you all know what I mean. However, I am back blogging again. Im currently caffeine free and struggling big time with withdrawals... I know its nothing like a hard drug withdrawal, but it's bad enough and only day two... bring on the pain reliever... yes that's right swap one drug for another LOL!

Im in the process of cleaning my scrap room... a monumental task, the ladies are at day care and having a ball by all accounts. So Im able to get in and have a proper run. Can I just boast and say that Claire is the smartest kid I have ever known? Teach her a word once, yes once and bang it's in the vocabulary. She came out with 'ducks' this morning... My Mum always called the crusty morning eye bits... 'ducks' as they were yellow and I have blue eyes, hence ducks on the blue pond. Well I told Claire about it weeks ago and don't remember mentioning it again... This morning while giving her gorgeous eyes a little wipe with a wet one... She says... hmmm 'ducks'. She's a gifted genius that one. Charlotte is a quiet achiever, she doesn't say much, Claire is the spokes-twin but Charlotte misses nothing. Gradually getting back into the routine here after spending so long at Grannie's.

Seems to be so much 'stuff' happening. It's an odd ending to this year. Nothing like I've ever experienced, just feels abnormal. Maybe that's the haze of caffeine withdrawal talking, I should stop now and get on with the cleaning.

til then

Libby xxx

'What" will your obituary say?' at

Monday, October 23, 2006

Well here's a start on my Shimelle class. I didnt really like the idea for titles and photos in a structured way and I wanted to just see what fell out of my head. So here are just random facts about me that even some of my close friends might not know. Not even nearly half way through yet... these pages all go together with big rings...

I love Red Bull!

Being an Aries I love anything blissfull or even sometimes a little hedonistic.

Great quote. Ive always been a quote collector, many live in my wallet. Inspired.

Yeah thats right... I cope... strong and determined.

Self explanatry - my proud page

Art photos of myself make me happy

Friday, October 20, 2006

OMG! YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS! Click here!!! Yeah its an advert for Sony, but even so...

Imagine 1000's of litres of paint, explosives, a dis-used block of flats, a clown and a sense of fun!

These guys have made a mess! But its a beautiful mess!I absolutely adore shit like this! Quick go see now!

You will need to download the latest (free) Quicktime 7 to play the video, but its worth the wait.

Car is back on the road, $550 later and still carrying on like a busted butt!


and happy - no breaky-downy trails!

Lib x

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hello all

Well thanks to Lee, (thanks Lee) I've signed up for Shimelle's class.. just what I love. There are so many chicks doing this class and easy peasy pay through paypal... gotta love cheap classes and theres so much inspiration from not only the class but the other chicks... Awesome!!

My car is dead... Im driving Mum's to and from work and its costing me a fortune and feeling like Im driving a tank... anyway something about the alternator... it konked out 8pm fri night coming back from Singo and we (Mum Dad Me and the ladies) finally got back to Mums at 1am after the NRMA towed the car away... somehow I think the stars have aligned against me lately.

This video is brilliant... gotta love an aussie in a mall looking kinda freaky with a free hugs sign... it made me cry, though lately thats not hard LOL!

I taped the Little Brittian interview (Enough Rope) last night and OMG my fav fav fav show is back on! Not only am I an Eastenders tragic, and the Sopranos, but I adore OZ! (SBS 10pm) Doubt anyone's heard of it... quite graphic and its about a jail in the US... but the interractions is what gets me... I love the twists and turns and who's loyal to whom. There's a guy in a wheelchair (I dont think he was killed last season) anyway his speeches at the end of every episode are truely champagne TV! The spitting on each other and language I could do without, but hey how real would it be to have em all sitting drinking tea and knitting???

gotta go

love youse all

Libby xxxxx

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Im really sad that Scrapbook Answers is no more. I love that mag and the DVD's were winners. Oh well...

lets see, it's my weekend off and the girls and I are bumming around at home, you know cleaning the kitchen floor, cleaning out and washing the car, pretty much trying to stay close to the air-con too. Silly hot weather for October. I wonder what is going to happen when this planet really starts to get thirsty. Funny thing is, some of the huge properties all along our rivers, who rob unfathomable amounts of water from OUR system, to grow bulk crops of whatever... I cant see the govt shutting em down. What is it going to take? Yeah the little bit of water you can save by putting buckets in the shower with you, is ridiculous when you see the amount of water used by those farms. The ones on the way from here to Adelaide and in QLD.

Entered the Hamby guest DT comp (see pics)... wanted to do heaps more layouts but time just got away... have done heaps of samples for Leanne at Stamp n Scrap in Singleton and forgot to take pics... but I'm going to start teaching soon at the Muswellbrook Scrap Shop ... such lovely people Stacey & Bernie. - The Scrap n Craft Bug 02 65413142.

So excited for Jackie.. after this mornings ultrasound it looks like she and Tony are having a girl!

One of the mares at work had twins the other day. Whoops, they're not supposed to and sadly both had to be put to sleep... not really formed properly... other than that there's only 13 mares left to foal now... on the downhill run.

My huge gardenias are about to bloom... I never knew they were such thirsty plants. The buds used to fall off and now theyre fat with promise.

I am wondering where my Scrapbooks and More order is... its been nearly 3 weeks and Im sure I only ordered from the arrived stock. I know theyre busy and notoriously slow slow slow with orders, but crikey its getting ridiculous. I emailed them and still no response. I remember I wanted stuff in a rush once and they refused to help. They have great stock, just good luck as to when you get it! I think I might change my name to Carol-Lea, LOL!

Anyway, might think of what I really wanted to tell you later.. Im dying to know what Nicole Rayner's big secret is.

Massive congrats to Miss Roz, who in legendary fashion won the scrap an ad comp at SCRAPBOXX, that's gold Miss Roz! She and the gang will no doubt have tales to tell after THAT scrap camp... what a great time theyll have.. a bit jealous here.

Lastly I wanted to say Hi Lissy, Im sorry I havent got back to you, norty of me really.. and yeah Im wrapping up a pony as we speak, hoping it doesnt wilt on the way to you LOL! and fantastical Miss Rachie, though I havent known what to say to you or write, everything I write sounds stupid.. I am thinking of you all and asking that your fam and especially Miss Zara is taken good care of and all ends up rosey. I hope your anniversary hol is everything and more... now hands over ears and la la la la la la dont want to know what happens la la la la la. Have a daquiri for me though.

Ah now that'll do pig. That'll do!

stay cool you lot!

Libby xxx

Monday, October 02, 2006

Oh crap!

Full tilt once again...

um please don't fill your petrol tanks with ethanol... Unless you bought the car yesterday... I filled my tank with ethanol last Friday and my car has been shitting itself ever since... and I need the car to drive the 200klm a day to work and back... double double crap poo bum bitch bastard... No one told me that you couldn't use ethanol... should have rung rent a man first hey. Been going to visit Nana, whose just gone into a home, on my weekends off, so that makes for a fairly interesting flat out time too... so much to tell... so much no time to tell it in. Haven't even rung Megan (whose gorgeous Miss Olivia is a ROCK STAR on a CALENDARRRRR!) back from last week... Sorry Megan promise I'll call you tonight!

Once work finishes in Nov. I will be back with bells on. Thinking its prob a good time to start taking shots for the Xmas cards too hey... never bloody ends!

Ive taken valuable sleeping time to write to you all... and sorry that there's no real news...

ah but on my quick blog hop, I found this little beauty.. wish Id thought of it... a positive place for us to go! Go there and say nice stuff to each other!


once again

must 'off

love youse all...

but I love my sleep more...

congrats to all the mob getting on design teams Jen love the delicious page Jen!, Kelley, Jane.. hey I know famous people... at the moment Id pay someone to scrap for me, just to get through the mountain of stuff Ive been accumulating... anyone???

toodle oo

Lib x

Monday, September 11, 2006

EAT, DRINK & BE........ MARY!

Now this is a quick little post so I can clean up a bit and get rid of these pics from the 'puter... While at Kiwi Scraps (Got the gift vouchers in the mail today- high tail it to the kiwi scraps website if you want one of those Junkits box books from the perspectives classes... kiwi scraps HERE!!! works out to be $18.50 AUD!), anyway... I took these pics and thought you all might like to hear the little blurb that goes with them...

During the CC event there was a ball running in the ballroom (funnily enough) for the SEAHORSE SOCIETY (No offensive material contained in the website) These are the pics I took of the decorated ballroom.. It looked like a fancy 80's formal (in a rainbow theme)... Now I don't have enough headspace to comprehend the chutzpah it would take to sit down with your spouse and tell them... You want to be/or dress as the opposite sex... to be totally true to your feelings no matter what the consequences... I admire these people and you know what I learned... I've made some huge, huge mistakes in my past relationships.. Been way too selfish and I've lost what could have been the loves of my life... Let this be a lesson to you, Oh best beloved's.. love the one you're with FOR their every thing, not what you see but also what you don't see...

There were wives (that too, in my humble opinion, takes a lot of courage, to step out with your cross-dressing partner), dressed to the nines out supporting their other halves at this ball, both dressed as women...

IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY, you shouldn't be denied the simple pleasure of frocking up and putting on a bit of lippy, even just once a year. I think I would be totally selfish and "what will the neighbours think???" if my partner told me, but I think that's a lesson I've got to learn. From my upbringing (It stems from my great great grandmother, an Irish Matriarch if ever there was one - hello Mary Kelly!) I've been told to worry what others think, and although I've kicked over the traces in most aspects of my life, my relationships with men have always been based on appearances and what the neighbours might think... Well here I am, 34 and Im running to the window to throw up the sash and scream.. I've had enough and Im not going to FAKE it anymore!!!"

Happiness at any cost... Kell, Mandy & I got to meet a 'lady' who looked much like Kell's FIL, who, resplendent in 4 inch heels and a gorgeous ensemble topped with a stole, explained and answered our questions with grace and dignity... I hope she had a great night!

(Reading back on this it almost sounds like a 'coming out' statement.. LOL! No Im not a cross dresser/lesbian.. not that there's anything wrong with that)

I will take this new found wisdom with me to the next relationship (God willing there IS another ROTFLMAO!)

So I raise a toast to men and women of the Seahorse Society... ballsy in more ways than one!!!

Now Top Gear is on... its time to go... oh the BMW M5, that would look great towing a horse float LOL! (OMG power V10 - drool drool)

Xx Libby xX

Sunday, September 03, 2006

CATFIGHT CATFIGHT!!! Nar two of the loveliest ladies in scrapbooking!!! Kell from Scrap Needs and Maria from SCRAPBOXX... Both so humble and genuine... I seriously admire these two and the businesses they're growing... What would we do without you?

OKee Dokey.. To the faithful...

I am so sorry you have been here to find me out... But at Mums I cant blog and Im not home a for long enough to do much but pay some bills.... Im LOVING work and the drive is a drag but there's just no time to blog... Work will finish up in November so Im using the good money to get ahead a bit... And so we can have a nice Chrissie! So that's where I've been... A laptop would be a lovely luxury then I could blog in the looooooong hours at work where NOTHING is happening... I do get to scrap a fair bit at work which is fantastic! So.... How are you all???

First things first... Kiwi Scraps.... Who can describe that feeling... Seeing familiar faces and wanting to run up and squeal like a girl... (didn't stop Lee LOL!) I had the enormous pleasure of being able to sit with the posse on the Thursday night, they saved me a seat and we giggled and waited for our dinner... Can I say the highlight of my whole weekend was meeting two or three (or make that heaps) of people... 1 Miss Rachie... She is a bright, bright star. 2. Brooke Lyons... is lovely. Maria from Scrapboxx is a champion, really genuine chick... There were other store owners who I found rude and incredibly snobby, get over yourselves!!! One kit producer was so rude to me I was a little shocked but not at all astonished... That's what happens sometimes I guess, maybe you have to be 'famous' to get to chat to them!!! Alli Paterson, what a hoot! What a MASTER!!! Drill entrepreneur extraordinaire, is there no limit to her talents? Miss Lissy, too cute and funny for words, we will always have the crazy after party, where we made our own fun out of nothing but tattoos, straws and red faces... Debbideedoodah, needs no introduction, is there anyone who wouldn't love her? I know I have missed some, bugger!

Now I have a stupid confession, Im sure you're all gonna get a good laugh out of this one... Miss Jen introduced me to Miss Lee in the foyer and I was so flabbergastingly embarrassed, basically I love everything Lee 'create's and shows us on her blog and Im sure she thinks I am a weirdo (cos she's so warm and friendly) she reached forward to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek... I think I just stood there and like a statue I became all stiff and UN-warm, I don't know why.... But its been bugging me that I became a nutbag just at the moment I was trying to be my most impressive... I think I was starstruck, now the whole weekend Lee was so charming and fun and singing and vivacious, and I cant help feeling that I let myself down by being so over awed... LOL! Not like me at all! but there you go perhaps there'll be another time to make amends for my weirdo behaviour.

Anyway so it was sooooo very long ago and heaps of stuff has happened and I've had a great laugh at Kell's blog and her not needing to be validated by pics with the famous three... you know that is funny cos anyone who went to Kiwi Scraps, who wanted a pic with DD AE or CZ could get one, they only had to ask... so none of us should really feel special LOL!OHHHH look at me, look at me, yeah you and anyone else who went, not including the kiwi chicks the week before and anyone whose been to the US to CKU etc etc.... so nar no pics of me with them... I changed every project to suit myself anyway, so as I will only live once I aint putting no stinking ugly chatterbox paper on my wall.. (I like the rosey papers, just couldn't eat a whole room)ROTFLMAO! and I dont care if you dont get it!!!!

Went to a class with Alison Shearer at Scrapabout on the way home with Jen, star books! Another top chick, Miss Allison (How's the fighting fish???) as is Miss Leanne from Scrapabout (Great store!! Parramatta)

and then last week, norty norty I went here... got me some doo dads! (Stitches & Craft at Rosehill)

So yeah it was wildly fun and too great to be soon forgotten, but life goes on... so her are some random shots of my view of scrap camp! This one time, at scrap camp.... yeah yeah girls its still funny!!! Anyone who didn't go, sorry but it WAS THAT GOOD... Next year they're gonna have to hold it at the ent cent. move over Robbie Williams the scrappers are coming to town. I won the name badge comp... thanks David! and bought a couple of extra packs for my Mumma to play with... she's scrappin up a storm lately... crazy stuff... like a 'what you say and do at two' for the girls.... The girls... the ladies are great by the way, in some ways spoilt rotten by living at Mums, in others they are becoming little girls. Its great to have some backup finally in the tantrum and discipline stakes. They eat sensibly at the table and ask please to be excused, proud moments for me!

No more photos... bloody blogger! I had Donna sign one of the bits of wood we used with the penis drill... and took a photo of her with this sign for Reg, just as a retreat reminder! LOL!

ok thats enough... now

that'll do pig! That'll do!...

Xx Lib xX

and I will leave you with a slightly 'tired' Ali Edwards and her late night party trick... hey all she had were these straws and.....